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Misteldagen on Vänö 13.4.2024

- o'clock
Vänö Vänner rf

The programme includes an excursion to the rare mistletoe on Vänö and other natural sites on the island together with a publicing event of Spelmän Ohoj! -music booklet at the Vänö Culturehouse. Ville Laitinen from Luontoliitto will guide the tour and tell about the changing nature of the archipelago. During the day there will be a possibility to observe the nature and birds of the archipelago together with the guides of Kemiönsaari Nature Society. Bring your binoculars! The release event will feature playing and singing of the archipelago’s own folk music together with culture producer duo Jimmy Träskelin & Veera Hirvaskero.

Misteldagen is organised by Vänö Vänner rf in cooperation with Norpas ry and Spelmän Ohoj! ry. The event is suitable for all ages! Free entry. M/S Merituuli sails from Kasnäs to Vänö at 10 am. Return from Vänö at 4 pm. A vegetarian lunch will be served at the Culture house. Book your lunch in advance. It can also be purchased on the spot, if there is enough soup. Reservations by calling 045 353 7278.