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Municipality of Kimitoön

Kimitoön (Kemiönsaari in Finnish) is located in Southwest Finland, surrounded by the Archipelago Sea and consisting of up to 3 000 islands! Did you know that Kimitoön will celebrate its 700th birthday in 2025?

Life in the Finnish Archipelago

Kimitoön (Kemiönsaari in Finnish) is a relaxed and creative meetup spot. It is nearly impossible to run out of things to do, especially with different festivals being held throughout the year. At the same time, the archipelago and its picturesque villages and amazing nature can be experienced everywhere.

Smooth transport connections from the archipelago to the mainland

Despite Kimitoön being in the archipelago, it is easy to travel between the mainland’s largest cities along the Turuntie Road or through the canals of Strömma and Kokkila. For example, it is possible to travel from Turku to Kemiönsaari within less than one hour. To the neighbouring city, Salo, it is less than a 50 km drive. There are regular bus services to Kimitoön from Helsinki, Turku and Salo. And, from the main island, you can conveniently travel, free of charge, to the outer archipelago with a ferry boat.

The population of the municipality is about 6 500. Of Kimitoön’s 3 000 islands about 20 are permanently inhabited.

Contact information

Municipality of Kimitoön
Vretavägen 19
25700 Kimito, Finland

Shitchboard +358 2 426 00 (mon-fri 9.00-11.30)

Email: kimitoon@kimitoon.fi or tourism@visitkimitoon.fi

Municipal Manager: Erika Strandberg

Tourism Unit Staff: Stella Törnroth, +358 40 663 2404, stella.tornroth@kimitoon.fi