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Sailing adventure to Örö fortress island

Kasnäs gästhamn
Kasnäsvägen 1294

The Traditional Sailingship Eugenia take us on a ”full of feeling ” journey in an old fashion way. The wind take us with 270 square meters sails in the same way as formerly. The heaviest job can you leave to the crew, but you are allowed to help the crew with the sails, navigation, steer the ship, learn about the technique, and learn about the history, and so on. You can sit down on deck and enjoy the see, the smal islands, islets, the birds. Sometimes we visit Örö Fortress in Hitis archipelago. Örö belong to the Archipelago Nationalpark and has an interesting milieu. About 20 km tracks and a hundred years of history as military base, built by the Russians.

The sailing starts on the relevant days at 10.00 a.m. from Kasnäs guestharbor and bound for Örö with approx. 3 hour stay on the island and returns to Kasnäs guest harbor again at 6 p.m.
On Örö island there is the opportunity to take part in the sights, take part in guided tours of the 120-inch cannons and eat well at the restaurant.